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 SUMMER 2022



Clinical Trial for CRPS




We applied for a clinical trial at Health Canada and received a No Objection letter. (NOL)

The letter was to test our pain mixture in the treatment of CRPS. We received the NOL letter to go into phase 2 trials.

We will recruit 40 patients suffering from CRPS based on the Budapest Criteria.

The treatment will be through a nasal application of  mixture of 5 medications which have an additive effect on pain and should be applied as a nasal spray or a local 

analgesic cream. The preliminary data on patients treated the last time, have convinced us that our mixture has a great effect on CRPS.

We expect that after a nasal application for a month, only the cream would be required.

We will be able to include patients from any province in Canada.

As CRPS is a rare disease, we expect that Health Canada will allow commercialization after a phase 2 trial, if the results of this research are convincing.

It will be a pleasure to treat patients.



Dr. G. B. Blaise MD, Professeur

University of Montreal

Contact:  TEL: 514 222 0178*

Fax: 438 386 1676



*Interested parties please contact this number. Please read P.S. below.


P.S.     PARC was not made aware of the extra cost of medication and a clinic visit. Please inquire at the number above. Thank you.



THE WALK TO CONQUER CRPS 2021August 28, 2021.


This year due to COVID-19 our walk will be virtual but

we hope you can share your walk with us here.

 We will post photos and comments below.

The WALK website will be going live on June 7!....

To register and receive a free orange bracelet, please go to


OR: cut and paste this URL into browser:


OR: You can go to Google and type "Walk to Conquer CRPS 2021".

The WALK thanks Kristen Cameron for all her hard work!




Montreal Research Update May 27, 2020.

Health Canada has given permission to the Montreal Research team to go ahead with the research.

The NOL letter (No Obstruction  Letter) has arrived.

We will keep you updated with the next steps. (Two years later....)

Please see first notice on this page.






Each year on the first Monday in November we take part in this event which stretches across the globe. This is the 6th year and many more countries are raising awareness of CRPS.

In Ontario, the CN Tower in Toronto, Niagara Falls and the Peace Bridge (between Fort Erie-Buffalo)  were lit orange. For more information about what you can do to

help this worldwode campaign, please see:

How to Get Involved:


"Let’s show the world that while we are in pain, we are strong!"





PARC Toronto Conference 2019

SPEAKERS: Dr. David L Shulman, Wilderman Clinic, Toronto*

Dr. Tara Packham OT, PhD*

Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences, 

Mc Master University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Dr. Arash Taghvai MD, 

Apollo Cannabis Clinics, Toronto

PLACE: North York Central Library

5120 Yonge Street

North York, Ontario, M2N 5N9

DATE/TIME: October 26, 2019 from 11AM- 4 PM. 

BONUS: Receive a free orange CRPS Awareness bracelet


*Missed the event? Contact us for the slides.





Thank you so much for organising the event today.  It was very informative for me to be able to talk to others with CRPS and to hear the speakers.  I learned a lot about cannabis and the use of it today. H.M.

My family really learned a lot about CRPS and it meant a lot to me to be able to connect with others that are going through the same thing at the conference yesterday. I would love to go to more of these events in the future hopefully when I am better.Thank you for all you do,       I wish you many blessings, C. L.

Helen, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how great the conference was Saturday. The speakers were all informative and I am a HUGE fan now of Tara Packham. Imagine a medical model that involves the needs and wishes of the patient in the total care - wow, we have come a long way in our journey!!! J.B.

My only feedback to you re: Saturday was the chairs were so very hard. Perhaps in future we could have more "official" stretch breaks. I am confident to just stand up when I need to but I know a few newer members said to me they wished they had done so but did not feel comfortable to interrupt the talks". J.B.

The three speakers were excellent and provided a huge amount of knowledge.They patiently answered all of our questions. We thank Dr Arash for his cannabis knowledge and easy, comprehensive approach.We thank Dr. Tara Packham PhD, for explaining CRPS so well and telling us about glia cells and nerves.We thank our Dr. D.L. Shulman, for his words on hope for the future. H.S.







It is a lovely day.Who is coming with me?






Where are we going?(2018)


UPDATE: September 5, 2018.

The sunny day provided a good backdrop for a beautiful walk at Point Pleasant Park. The walk around was 3.1 km. The group was very enthusiastic and many walkers went around 3 times.

The first prize, a tour around Nova Scotia by private plane, was given to Tatum, an 11 year old girl with CRPS. Second prize was a prize package from Tim Hortons and the Pita Pit provided 3rd prize. 

We thank Kristen Cameron and her team for the hard work they did to make the WALK a success. 

September 30, 2019. Another successsful year raising funds for PARC. This year, 50 walkers raised nearly $2,000 for PARC.We thank Kristen Cameron and her staff for making this walk successful!


Kristen is planning the Third Annual Walk to Conquer CRPS.. COVID-19 prevented a WALK to CONQUER CRPS in 2020. 








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