Link Organization/Group American RSD Hope Group (inactive but great site) Dr Hooshmand's Medical RSD/CRPS Information

Gracie Gean Pain Advocacy (USA)

International Research Consortium (USA) International Foundation for RSD/CRPS (Tampa) International RSD Foundation (USA) Post-Traumatische Dystrophy (PTD): Dutch Association (English/Dutch) Project Links--RSD Links

RSDSA South Carolina RSDA Association Trend Consortium (NL)

UK (Britain)

UK Sites

RSD/CRPS PAGES Joey Lee TEEN CORNER: Ayala's No Pain Zone
Canadian: Medical Canadian Health Network Canadian Pain Society
  Canadian Pain Coalition (closed in April 2018) Canadian RSD Network (inactive) College of Family Physicians

College of Physicians and Surgeons

Chronic Pain Assoc. Canada Centres for Pain Mangement FM-CFS Canada (Fibromyalgia)

Healthy Ontario

Ontario Pain Foundation Ottawa Pain Management Clinic Pain Care Clinics (Ontario)

Vancouver Clinic

Victoria Pain Clinic (BC)

AMERICAN/INTERNATIONAL Alternative Medicine Database Drug List Database IASP (Int'l Assoc. for Study of Pain) Mayo Clinic Pub Med Database (National Library of Medicine) Pain: Advice, Library, News, Articles
Alternative Modalities Dr P Maddalena DC
Accelerated Health and Wellness
Fonthill, Ontario (laser treatment)

Dr Fred Kahn MD FRCS
Meditech International , Toronto (laser headquarters)

Chiropractic and Wellness Dr Tim Hughes Chiropractic and Wellness (includes massage,reiki,acupuncture,Chinese medicine, yoga, tai chi, exercise, nutrition, and wellness workshops.) Niagara Peninsula




Be aware that there are many RSD/CRPS sites which have inaccurate or incomplete facts.
We advise that several reputable organizational sites are checked out for corroborating information.

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