We hope that this page will become a resource page for all those who have this disease. We all have one thing in common; remembering the first day you were told you had RSD. How did you feel? What did you think? What was your reaction? Disbelief, anger, shock, denial, or fear?
This page is an effort to give concrete non-medical suggestions to help dispel fear of this disease. "Knowledge is power". When you have the information it can help you help yourself.

When you first discovered you had RSD/CPRS, what did you wish people would have told you?

What one thing has helped you the most in dealing with this disease?

Have you tried something that worked for you?

Newly diagnosed patients read this page so why not pass along your best advice to another RSD patient who may desperately need it? Your expert advice for dealing with RSD is invaluable.

Before you submit your tip, please be so kind as to check the topics below to make sure your idea has not been posted.


We can post your tip under the appropriate topic to share with others. All advice must be non-medical in nature. Please keep your submission brief and gear it specifically towards the chosen topic. Our format is:


Please use our feedback page to submit your words of wisdom. We plan to update the advice page frequently with your help.

By contributing to this page, you will be helping someone else cope with this devastating illness.We thank you for your help.

PARC Staff



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