"Working Together When Facing Chronic Pain"

"Faire équipe face à la douleur chronique "

ISBN 978-0-9810478-1-2

Published in French and English

Les Productions Odon Inc.

Montreal, Quebec.

Includes chapters featuring "Living with CRPS" and P.A.R.C.

This book had two Book Launches; one in Montreal on September 1 and in St. Catharines on October 30, 2010.

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** not bad but better books are out there

*** provocative, good reading

**** excellent reading



PARC's recommended background reading list for professionals.


  • ***Harden, R. Baron, R. W. Janig Seattle IASP Press 2001 CRPS Progress in Pain Research and Management Vol. 22 ISBN 0-931092-41-8 Latest research updates. Read this one before reading Wilson, Peter W.
  • ***Hooshmand, H. MD Chronic Pain: RSD Prevention and Management CRC Press, 2000 Corporate Blvd. Boca Raton, FL ISBN # 0-8493-8667-5 Tel: 1 800 272 7737 It is one of the most comprehensive book on CRPS today.
  • ***Huygen, Frank MD Neuroimmune Alterations in the CRPS Thesis ISBN 90-77595-58-9 Rotterdam, Holland 2004 Technical but good research.
  • ***Lauder G MD and Roslyn Massey CRPS Explained. X Libris 2010 This book is specifically aimed at teenagers with CRPS.
  • ***Moesker, Albert CRPS formerly called RSDS: Treatment with ketanserin and carnitine Thesis 2000 ISBN 90 9013574-X Groningen, Holland Very technical but informative.
  • ***Perez, S.G.M. MD CRPS-1 A Randomized controlled study into the effects of two free radical scavengers Thesis: Vrije Univ. Medical Center Amsterdam ISBN 90-9015456-6 c.2001 Very technical work but documents DMSO AND NAC treatments for CRPS.
  • Stanton-Hicks, M. MD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Kluwer Acad, Grp. 1989 ISBN #0-7923-0527-2 (May be out of print).
  • Stanton Hicks, M. MD. RSD: A Reappraisal IASP Press, 909 NE 43rd St., Ste. 306, Seattle WA 98105 1996 ISBN #0-7923-0572-0 Older book but useful. IASP:
  • ***van der Laan, L. MD PhD Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: A clinical and experimental study Print Partners Ipskamp ISBN 90-9012256-7 Quite technical reading but basis of DMSO and NAC.
  • ***Veldman, P. MD Clinical Aspects of RSD (Thesis) ISBN # 90-9007712 Basis of Dutch research today.
  • ****Wilson, Peter R MB, BS, PhD Stanton Hicks M MD, Harden N. MD Eds. CRPS: Current Diagnosis and Therapy in Progress in Pain Research and Management IASP Press Seattle 2005 ISBN # 0-931092-55-8 hardbound 316 pages IASP Tel: 206 547 6409 Very technical and current CRPS information.



(listed by year)

  • ****The Pain Practitioner Vol 16 No 1 Spring 2006 issue has an entire, excellent edition on "CRPS:Grappling with the Mysteries". It is a MUST read for all physicians and health care professionals. The articles contain cutting edge research, psychological aspects, treatments and emerging concepts.
  • ****Gordon, Debra M.S. "More than a Feeling" Neurology Now March/April 2009 The story of two CRPS patients, Max and Molly, and their attempts to get treatment.
  • ****Dennis, Alicia. PEOPLE MAGAZINE Aug 10, 2009." This Man Chose to be in a Coma" tells the story of John Roach's journey through ketamine-induced coma in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • White Oaks Magazine Fall 2011 Volume 5 No. 2 Community Superstars: PARC's Executive Director and PARC are profiled.

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Supplemental reading on pain.

*Some books contain chapters on CRPS.

  • *****Barrett,Deborah PhD LSW Pain Tracking Prometheus Books 2012 ISBN: 978-1-61614-513-2 Exceptional book on chronic pain adressing the many facets of dealing with pain, your doctor,medications,therapies,treatments,and strategies to living with pain.Strategies to calm your mind and soothe your body.pacing yourself and improving your sleep are some relevant topics.It is a comprehensive book suitable for anyone with pain  or CRPS. Best practical book written since 2012.
  • ***Berger, Ann MSN MD Healing Pain Rodale 2006 ISBN 10 1-59486-012-2 A revealing book from a pain doctor with chronic pain to help ease emotional suffering.
  • Brady, Scott MD and William Proctor Pain Free for Life Centre St. Publ. 2006 ISBN # 0-446-57761-8 Dr Brady discusses his holistic, non-invasive treatment program based on his own experience with pain.
  • Catalano, Ellen Mohr MA The Chronic Pain Control Workbook New Harbinger Publications 1987 ISBN 0-934986-45-2
  • **Caudill, Margaret MD Managing Pain Before It Manages You ISBN# 0-89862-224-7 Revised Edition ISBN 1-57230-718-8
  • Chino & Davis Drs. Validate Your Pain Health Access Press, 2445 River Tree Circle, Sandford FL or visit
  • ****Davis, Martha PhD, Eshelman Elizabeth Robbins MSW Matthew McKay PhD The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook New Harbinger Publications Inc. 2008 ISBN 0-13: 978-1-57224-549-5 It is a comprehensive look at mindfulness, breathing, meditation, acceptance, self-hypnosis, visualization, anger management, nutrition and more.
  • ****Dillard, James MD The Chronic Pain Solution Bantam 2002 ISBN 0-5538083-X. Best practical pain book written for patients in last 10 years. Well worth the money.
  • Donoghue, M. Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired WW Norton Press, Inc.ISBN # 0-393-3311-54-6 Visit:
  • Eschelman David and McKay, Oakland. The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook New Harbinger Publishers 1982
  • Finando, Donna LAc LMT Trigger Point Self Care Manual for Pain Free Movement Healing Arts Press 2006. Try
  • ** Fehmi, L PhD and Jim Robbins Dissolving Pain Trumpeter Books 2010 ISBN # 978-1-59030-780-9 The first author began biofeedback studies in the 1960's and has created Open Focus for combating pain. It comes with a CD of guided exercises.
  • ***Fishman, Scott MD The War on Pain Harper Collins 2000 ISBN 0-06-019297-6(HC) Excellent explanations about how we perceive, measure and experience pain in clear, concise terms.
  • Fors Greg MD Why We Hurt ISBN 978-0-7387-1065-5 Comprehensive guide to chronic pain.
  • Furman, Richard MD The Intimate Husband Random House Publishers, Eugene Oregon 97402
  • ****Galer, B MD and Argoff C MD Defeat Chronic Pain Now! Fair Winds Press 2010 ISBN 13: 978-1-59233-407-0 Chapters $23.99. Excellent overview on *CRPS, other pain conditions, pain clinic treatments, psychological therapies and updated studies on the brain and CRPS.Worth reading.
  • ***Gardner-Nix, J MD Mindfulness Solution to Pain New Harbinger Publ. 2009 It is a mindfulness based chronic pain management program for patients (MBCPM) based on MBSR program of Jon Kabat-Zinn. Dr Gardner-Nix is a chronic pain consultant with the Dept of Anesthesia at St Mike's and Sunnybrook, Toronto. Try
  • Gardner-Nix, J MD Pain Speaking Chronic pain management library audio book. Pathfinder 2005. Try Chapters.
  • ****Groopman, Jerome MD The Anatomy of Hope ISBN # 096581131-X A positive, insightful, hopeful book by a doctor who experienced chronic pain. His point of view is refreshing and urges us to renew hope in ourselves.
  • **** Groopman, Jerome MD How Doctors Think ISBN # 13: 978-0-618-61003-7 Startling insight into the way doctors diagnose, pitfalls, flaws in thinking and successes. It should be read by every patient and doctor so that they can be" in sync" with each other for better medical care.
  • **Jackson, Marni. Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign 2002
  • ***Khalsa, Dharma Singh MD The Pain Cure Warner Books 1999 ISBN 0-446-52305-4 Excellent systematic program to fight chronic pain.More at
  • ***Khalsa, Dharma Singh MD Meditation as Medicine Pocket Books 2001 ISBN # 0-7434-0064-X Case studies and systematic meditations for chronic pain and various illnesses.
  • Koestler, A. Myers A. Understanding Chronic Pain University Press Mississippi 2002 ISBN 57806-440-6
  • Kron, Audrey Living with Chronic Illness Audrey Kron, 7466 Pebble Lane. West Bloomfield, MI USA 48322 Price: $16.00 + $3.00 p&h
  • ****Lewandowski Michael J. MD The Chronic Pain Care Workbook. New Harbinger Publ. ISBN # 1572244704 Quite an extensive practical program for pain patients. It leaves no stone unturned. The questionnaires are quite revealing and helpful. Patients can work through each chapter and learn many coping skills.
  • Laliberte, Richard Doctors Guide to Chronic Pain Relief 2003 Readers Digest Health Publishing, Pleasantville NY ISBN 0-762-0468-6
  • Mailis, A. MD and Israelson, D. Beyond Pain: Making the Mind-Body Connection Viking 2003 ISBN 0670043702
  • Neilsen, Patricia Living with it Daily: Meditations for People with Chronic Pain Dell 1994 ISBN 0-440-50555-0 A spiritual way of looking at pain. Uplifiting and soothing.
  • ***Pohl Mel MD FAASM A Day Without Pain CRP Press 2008 ISBN # 978-0-9799869-5-6 As medical director of the Las Vegas Recovery Center, Mel Pohl MD tells the story of his five year journey with chronic pain, his treatments, the struggle to accept it, and what he did to take charge. An encouraging and uplifting book. Available from Chapters for $19.99
  • Pollin, Irene Taking Charge: Overcoming the Challenges of Longterm Illness Susan Gollant Random House ISBN 081 2922581
  • ****Prezekop, Peter DO PhD Conquer Chronic Pain Hazelden Publishing 2015 ISBN # 978-1-61649-789-7 A new twist on dealing with chronic pain by the Director of the Betty Ford Centre.Available in Chapters.
  • PT Baham Jam The Pain Truth and Nothing But
  • Rankin, Lissa MD Mind over Medicine Hay House 2013 ISBN: 978-1-4019-3999-1 Interesting book however lacks proof.
  • **** Richeimer, S. MD Confrontiong Chronic Pain: a pain doctor's guide to relief .Johns Hopkins University Press Health book  2014 ISBN: 978-1-4214-1252-8 A very good guide for the patient who has chronic pain or CRPS.It reviws medicines, therapies, treatments, pain conditions,pain medications, changing your thinking, mind-body therapies,Spirituality,pain and suffering, etc.A comprehensive look at all that is pain and what to do about it.
  • ***Rosenberg, A. The Truth about Chronic Pain Basic Books 2003 ISBN # 0-465-07138-4 Good overview of the issues and problems faced by patients and doctors in dealing with chronic pain. The effect of pain on patients' lives and how they cope is shown in the patients' heart rending stories.
  • ****Schneider, Jennifer MD Living with Chronic Pain Hatherleigh Press 2004 ISBN # 978-1-57826-175-8 An excellent guide to dealing with chronic pain and how to spot how your personality deals with pain.Very interesting reading.
  • ****Schneider, Jennifer MD Living with Chronic Pain Hatherleigh Press 2009 Newly revised and updated. Contains many of the chapters in the 2004 version. Updates are on new pain drugs.
  • Senneff, John Numb Toes and Aching Soles MedPress PO Box 691546 San Antonio TX USA 78269 Visit:
  • Simon, William H. MD George Ehrlich MD and Arnold Sadwin MD Conquering Chronic Pain After Injury Penguin Putnam Inc. 2002 ISBN 1-58333-140-9 Contains a chapter on CRPS by Sanjay Gupta, MD.
  • *Stamatos, John M. MD Painbuster Henry Holt and Company LLC 2001 ISBN: 0-8050-6346-3 A comprehensive pain program is outlined however, the treatment of CRPS is questionable.
  • ***Stanton-Hicks Michael MD Cleveland Clinic Guide to Pain Management Kaplan Publ. 2009 This doctor treats *CRPS at his clinic and is very experienced in pain management.
  • Stimmel Barry Pain and Its Relief Without Addiction: Clinical Issues in the Use of Opiods and Other Analgesics Haworth Medical Press 2nd Edition Binding:Paperback May 1997 ISBN 0789001268.
  • Turk, Dennis Pain Survival Guide 2006 This author has an extensive understanding of chronic pain and all its problems.
  • ****Young, Shinzen PhD Break Through Pain Sounds True Inc. 2004 ISBN 1-59179-199-5 or 1 800 333 9185 This wonderful book comes with guided meditation CD for reducing pain through effective techniques. Worth a try for every CRPS or chronic pain patient. The author has Break Thru Difficult Emotions and more CDs at the web site above.
  • Wall, Patrick Pain: The Science of Suffering Columbia University Press 2002 ISBN 0-231-120079 Considered one of the best pain books written to date. Dr Wall along with Dr Melzack are well known for their gate control theory of pain.






  • ***Elster, Elizabeth Power Through Pain July 2007 ISBN 978-0595-43716-0 The journey of a teen with RND to find treatment and hope for the future. Try or TripletsWhoCare. org.
  • ***Juris, Elena Positive Options for RSD Hunter House December 2004 An uplifting, inspiring book which examines the many ways to fight RSD/CRPS when you are a patient. In addition to offering interviews with medical experts, this book is also the first to provide information on complementary/alternative therapies for RSD-treatments that can be crucial for maximizing the potential for healing.Try or
  • Haskins, Debbi My Monster-Me Please see
  • ***Shore, Sharon No Moral Conscience November 2004. Available at the World's Biggest Bookstore, Toronto.This book is the story of her parents' struggle to find the truth about Lisa's untimely death and their quest for justice.

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